Course Content

Courses run for a total of four weeks, with one session per week, each session lasting approximately 2.5 hours. 

Courses include content being presented via powerpoint, some group activities, DVD's, demonstrations, and a tour of delivery suite.

Compass Health can provide an interpreter if you need one. Please let us know in advance. If you have any other special requests or requirements, please let us know before class so we can help as best as we can. 

Week One

   - Changes
   - Danger signs
   - When to call your midwife
   - Safe eating and sleeping
   - Vaccinations

Normal labour and birth
   - Informed consent   
   - Optimal foetal positioning
   - Positions to assist natural birth
   - Pain relief options
   - Breathing
   - The stages of labour and how to get through 

Going to hospital
   - What to take
   - When to go

The role of the support person

Birth DVD (Optional)

Week Two 

Normal birth to complex birth
   - Medically interventions / assisted birth
   - Forceps/ventouse 
   - Induction
   - Caesarean sections
   - Epidurals

After the birth
   - Mother and baby checks
   - Inpatient stay 

Week Three

Postnatal mother and baby
   - What to expect in hospital
   - What to expect at home

   - Latching
   - Positioning
   - Milk volumes
   - Mastitis
   - Nipple and breast care

Baby care and safety
   - Newborn baby checks
   - Bathing baby 
   - Nappy changing
   - Settling baby
   - Winding baby 
   - Safe sleeping (including pepi-pods)
   - Baby blood tests
   - Immunisations
   - CPR / Saving a choking baby
   - Dental care
   - Car seat safety
   - Prams and costs
   - Baby tummy and play time
   - Cord care
   - Clothing layers
   - Baby Well Child checks
   - Parenting tips 

Mother care
   - What to expect in the first six weeks
   - Sleeping and eating well
   - Lochia and afterpains
   - Postnatal anxiety and depression
   - Support at home

Support person
   - Help coping and caring for new baby and partner

Arranging hospital tours

Follow up / coffee group list for those who have signed the consent form 

Evaluation to be completed (to meet Ministry of Health obligations) 

Week Four 

Kenepuru Hospital Tour 

Wellington Delivery Suite and Postnatal Rooms Hospital Tour 

For more information about the hospital tours, please see here.

Following the course, Course Handouts and Notes will be emailed to class participants. If you don't receive these, please email [email protected]

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