Hospital Tours

Compass Childbirth Classes include an optional visit to the Kenepuru Maternity Unit and a comprehensive free walking tour of Wellington Hospital. Our parents love it! takes approximately 1 hour. (Inform us if you need a wheelchair, it gets warm, so bring a water bottle.)

 Access to Delivery Suite is fully dependant on room availability on the day  

What does the Wellington Hospital tour include?

  • Where to find the emergency parking if you're in a hurry, the after-hours emergency phone, and how to get orderly assistance and a wheelchair if needed
  • Learn how to get from the cark park or after-hours park to the delivery suite (It can take up to ten minutes or more in labour)
  • We will point out the women's clinics, and the women's health assessment service access areas
  • See the pre-labour pods for inductions and elective caesareans. 
  • We cannot guarantee to see the Delivery Suite itself due to birthing and emergencies, but we will show you how to access the door and the intercom system. 
  • You will see the baby bassinet, and you will have the opportunity to practice making it up for the baby if you wish
  • Discover the breast milk room. See the freezer for storing expressed colostrum and the fridge for storing fresh breast milk; See the range of breast pumps available for use in the hospital 
  • Whilst learning about the neo-natal unit (NICU), visit the NICU shop and see the beautiful wool clothing, bassinet merino blankets, Haaka breast pumps, well-child book covers and baby footprint kits. All for sale at good prices (cheaper than shop prices). 
  • Visit the antenatal and postnatal pods
  • Find the Little Latch On room for lactation consultation help (10 am each weekday)
  • See the coffee shops (Fuel, Wishbone and Vibe cafes)

Practical Information

  • Meet in the main foyer by the orange lifts. A midwife will meet you and take you to Level 4 Delivery Suite, the Neonatal Unit and Postnatal pods. 
  • The tour will finish in the red lifts, by car parking and after-hours access.
  • Parking costs up to $10 a day at Wellington hospital underground carpark; Parking at Kenepuru hospital is free
  • If you need a wheelchair that can be arranged
  • It can be hot. Bring cool clothes and a water bottle.
  • Virtual online tour available here: 
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