Welcome to Compass Child Birth Classes - All classes are free. For Covid levels 2-4 all classes are ZOOM online classes. We will send you the weekly link via email.

Kia Ora, Talofa, Ni Hao, Namaste, Konnichiwa, Marhaba, Hello, Hi, and a kind warm welcome. We look forward to meeting you all. Our classes are informal and relaxed. We give loads of current Best Practice information-packed with tips on coping through labour, birth, caring for baby, and feeding your newborn.

Fully Funded Free classes by Tu Ora Compass Health - a not-for-profit organization across Wellington and Porirua Cities.  The classes are led by Denise Garcia an LMC Community Midwife/Childbirth Educator with lots of knowledge and experience.  Denise is a mother of 6 and Grandmother of 7 mokopuna. Kate is a midwife with a 2-year-old and a 10-year-old. Sue Allan is a charge Midwife at the hospital. 

Who can attend? A pregnant woman with 1 support person (either a partner/family member or friend) 

Our Classes are held in, Churton Park Community Centre,  Porirua Christian life Centre, and Cancer Society Newtown. Choose the full series of 4 classes or pick and choose. Attend on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday evening, a Saturday, or 'Online-ZOOM' Class from your home/ office/flat. 

Compass Childbirth Classes offer relaxed, informal and jam-packed classes with ideas, tips, and much-needed information. Please bring a water bottle to the classes.

topics include

  • Natural labour and birth
  • Natural pain relief options including Rebezo and a look at hypnosis, breathing
  • Medical pain relief options including epidurals information 
  • Complex labour and birth-with all medical interventions
  • Baby health checks and what decisions to consider. What to expect if you are staying in the hospital or birthing unit postnatally. How to hold, dress, change a nappy and care for a newborn straight after the birth.  
  • Feeding baby, antenatal hand expressing- collecting colostrum, nutritional needs of the newborn. 
  • Caring for a new baby- CPR, practice- Safe Sleep and naps, bathing baby, car seat installation and car seat safety. plus much more. 
  • Tips for adjusting your sleep/lifestyle to becoming a new parent(s).
  • Link to our Facebook page or Instagram to get regular updates on classes and current information.

HOW TO BOOK:- click on the link to 'enquire or book. or email us 

Or text 0226739001 Mon- Fri 9 am - 5 pm and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Who are we?

  • Denise Garcia, mum of 6, with 7 mokopuna under 6. An LMC Community Postnatal Midwife, Childbirth Educator, and trained Hypnobirth-Midwife-UK.
  • Kate Allan is a mum of a 2-year-old baby, a 10-year-old and step mum to 2 teenagers. She is a qualified baby car seat technician. She will demonstrate car seat safety in our classes and has a Bachelor of Midwifery.
  • Sue Allan is a mum of 3, grandmother of 2, and a Hospital Charge Midwife with loads of experience. 

We support NICU- NEONATAL TRUST SHOP level 4, Wellington Hospital. They have the hand-expressing colostrum syringe packs for sale.  Hire hospital-grade breast pumps. Or purchase at reduced prices. Our favourite is the bargain buy of a $40 merino cot size baby under-blanket. https://www.neonataltrust.org.nz/trust-shop   

***Reminder to Book FREE Whooping Cough/ Flu/ Covid Vaccines in pregnancy at your GP or Pharmacy.  https://www.health.govt.nz/your-health/healthy-living/immunisation/immunisation-pregnant-women

IF you are unwell or worried about your baby or reduced baby movements -  Contact your Midwife IMMEDIATELY or call Wellington Hospital 04-3855999 ask for the Birthing Suite / Delivery Suite / Hutt Hospital 04-5666999 and ask for Birthing Suite you will speak to a midwife on call 24/7. We recommend you get advice and get help today - please don't delay. 


We are offering a free postnatal catch up on zoom once a month for attendees

The pregnancy guide has links and information to guide you through early pregnancy onwards.

ZOOM FEEDING YOUR NEWBORN Zoom or in-person TBA? Cancer Society Rooms at level 1 only on Wednesday 6 October at 6 pm to 8 pm. Bring a doll or teddy bear.
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6 Oct 2021
ZOOM or Porirua Christian Life Centre TBA Monday 11,18, October & 1st November (6pm to 8-45pm) labour/ birth/ baby classes
Book! | Enquire
11 Oct 2021
ZOOM or Cancer Society Newtown (TBA) Wednesday 13,20,27 October 2021 6 pm to 8-45 pm labour/birth/baby classes
Book! | Enquire
13 Oct 2021
Saturday, Nov 6th from 9 am to 4 pm ZOOM or at Cancer Society Rooms Newtown only at covid level 1 Baby/Labour/Birth class
Book! | Enquire
6 Nov 2021
ZOOM or at Churton Park Community Centre at level 1 only, Mondays November 8,15,22 at 7-15pm to 9-15pm labour/birth/Baby classes
Book! | Enquire
8 Nov 2021
FEEDING YOUR NEWBORN BABY ZOOM or Churton Park Community Centre at level 1 only on Monday 29 November at 7-15 pm to 9-15 pm (bring a doll or teddy bear)
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29 Nov 2021
FEEDING YOUR BABY ZOOM / Cancer Society Newtown- at level 1, Wednesday 1st December (6pm to 8pm) please bring a doll or teddy bear.
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1 Dec 2021
ZOOM or Cancer Society Newtown level 1 only on Saturday, December 4th from (9 am to 4 pm) Baby/ Labour/Birth class
Book! | Enquire
4 Dec 2021
ZOOM or Christian Life Centre Porirua level 1 only on Mondays 6,13,20 December at (6 pm to 8-45pm) labour/Birth/Baby
Book! | Enquire
6 Dec 2021
feed your baby Zoom online Thursday 16 Dec 6-45 to 8-45pm
Book! | Enquire
16 Dec 2021
Christian life Centre Porirua Mondays 10, 17,and 24 January 2022 at(6pm to 8-45pm) labour/Birth/Baby classes. (ZOOM will replace at level 2,3,4)
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10 Jan 2022
Cancer Society NEWTOWN. Wednesday 12,19,26 January 2022 (6pm to 8-45pm) Labour/Birth/Baby
Book! | Enquire
12 Jan 2022
Zoom online Feeding your baby session Thursday 20 Jan 6-45pm to 8-45pm
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20 Jan 2022
ZOOM online labour birth and baby classes Wednesday, Feb 9 /16 /23 6-45 to 9 pm
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9 Feb 2022
Saturday class 19 Feb, Cancer Society at level 1 only. 9-11 is baby class, 11-1 is labour/birth, 2 pm to 4 pm is pain relief & complex birth
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19 Feb 2022
Christian Life Church Porirua Monday, Feb 21, 28, March 7, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Labour, birth, baby class series
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21 Feb 2022
Online Zoom series on Wednesdays March 2,9,16 labour birth Baby Classes, 6-45 pm to 9 pm
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2 Mar 2022
Churton Park Community Centre, 14, 21, 28 March, labour birth and baby classes 7-15 pm to 9-15 pm
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14 Mar 2022
Zoom online feeding baby class Wednesday 23 March 6-45 pm to 8-45 pm
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23 Mar 2022
Christian life Centre Porirua class labour and birth/ pain relief classes Monday 4 and 11 April from 6.30 to 8.45 pm
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4 Apr 2022
Cancer Society Newtown Wednesdays 6, 13, 20 April 6 pm to 8.45 pm class series Labour birth and baby
Book! | Enquire
6 Apr 2022
ZOOM class pain relief and complex labour session 3 (6-45 to 9 pm)
Book! | Enquire
7 Apr 2022
Feeding baby class Cancer Society Newtown Wednesday 27 April 6 to 8-45 pm
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27 Apr 2022
Christian life Centre Porirua Mondays, May 2, 9, 16 from 6.30 to 8-45pm labour birth and baby series
Book! | Enquire
2 May 2022
Saturday class, May 14, Cancer Society Newtown 9-4 pm, class series baby, labour and birth
Book! | Enquire
14 May 2022
Feeding Baby Class, Christian Life Centre, Porirua . Monday 23 May 6.30 to 8.30 pm (pleases bring a doll or teddy bear)
23 May 2022
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