Hospital Tours

Compass Childbirth Classes include an optional visit to the Kenepuru Maternity Unit and a comprehensive free walking tour of Wellington Hospital. Our parents love it!


What does the Wellington Hospital tour include?

  • Where to find the emergency parking if you're in a hurry, the after hours emergency phone, and how to get orderly assistance and a wheelchair if needed
  • Learn how to get from the cark park or after hours park to the delivery suite (It can take up to ten minutes or more in labour)
  • We will point out the women's clinics, and the women's health assessment service access areas
  • See the pre-labour pods for inductions and elective caesareans. 
  • We cannot guarantee seeing the Delivery Suite itself due to birthing and emergencies, but we will show you how to access the door and the intercom system. 
  • You will see the baby bassinet, and you will have the opportunity to practice making it up for the baby if you wish
  • Discover the breast milk room. See the freezer for storing expressed colostrum and the fridge for storing fresh breast milk; See the range of breast pumps available for use in the hospital 
  • Whilst learning about the neo-natal unit (NICU), visit the NICU shop and see the beautiful wool clothing, bassinet merino blankets, Haaka breast pumps, well child book covers and baby footprint kits. All for sale at good prices (cheaper than shop prices). 
  • Visit the antenatal and postnatal pods
  • Find the Little Latch On room for lactation consultation help (10am each weekday)
  • See the coffee shops (Fuel, Wishbone and Vibe cafes)


Practical Information

  • Meet in the main foyer by the orange lifts. A midwife will meet you and take you to Level 4 Delivery Suite, the Neonatal Unit and Postnatal pods. 
  • The tour will finish in the red lifts, by car parking and after hours access.
  • Parking costs up to $10 a day at Wellington hospital underground carpark; Parking at Kenepuru hospital is free
  • If you need a wheelchair that can be arranged
  • It can be hot. Bring cool clothes and a water bottle.
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