How to find a Midwife - What to do in early pregnancy? 

Book a Midwife called a Lead Maternity Carer (L.M.C) before 10 weeks pregnant- 

Phone find a midwife:0800346369  0800findmw    www.wellingtonmidwives

If you don't have a Midwife by 10 weeks, please book in with your Doctor

or the Hospital Primary Birthing Care team. 

Morning Sickness and if you are unable to keep food or fluids down at all -

please seek urgent advice and help from your Midwife, Doctor or Hospital Emergency



Miscarriage- before 20 weeks pregnant -please contact your Midwife 

or go to the Emergency Department at the Hospital for help


If the woman is feeling mentally unwell, by being extremely anxious or sad/

very depressed - suicidal or very out of sorts- please get help immediately. depression/default.asp


Your Midwife or Doctor can order important screening tests and prescribe the following recommended pregnancy supplements.

Nuchal scan and Screening Blood Tests are booked for between 9-13 weeks.


Folic Acid Vitamin  is recommended before pregnancy  to 12 weeks pregnant-

this helps baby's brain and spine develop properly.'s ur-work/preventative-health-wellness/.../folate-folic-acid 


Iodine Supplementation  is recommended during pregnancy  and whilst breastfeeding 

Flu vaccine is given in the flu season to protect both mother and baby.

It is Free in pregnancy 


Whooping cough vaccine is free to pregnant woman also and is repeated for each pregnancy.

The vaccine helps each baby get some  immunity until baby has had both 6 week and 3 month vaccines.

NZ has a high number of cases of whooping cough in the community -

And Whooping cough is potentially fatal disease for young babies it is highly

recommended for all pregnant woman and their families

(costs for partners and whanau).    


Think about your Choices of where and how you would like to give birth-

 Talk to your Midwife about your birthing options -consumer rights and informed consent   for a range of excellent free pamphlets.



Choices are- Birthing in a Primary Birthing Unit/ having a home birth / or choosing a hospital birth.

Pain relief, support person(s) birthing positions, cutting the cord, placenta options and much more. 

Antenatal Appointments in a clinic.  The Midwife will want to see you every 4–6 weeks

from early pregnancy , then fortnightly, to weekly during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy.

 It is very important to attend ALL Midwifery Well Health Checks- for a safer pregnancy,

safer labour & safer birth.The Midwife can track baby's growth and check you are both well.

She can refer you to see a specialist if the need arises. The Midwife is on call for 'Urgent or labour'

after-hours Call outs.



Current information for pregnant women.

Earthquake preparedness for feeding your baby in the first year if a major emergency or disaster  occurs.  

Feeding baby may become difficult in a major earthquake or disaster- please get organised before baby comes or as soon as you can. Ministry of Health

Blood tests Scans and Pregnancy Information.

Book a Midwife before 10 weeks pregnant

It is important to get blood test & scans ordered early.

 At 6--8 weeks pregnant - 

1st Antenatal Blood Test- 

Your Midwife or Doctor have the blood test forms!    

Wellington laboratory customer services;

SCL laboratory  04-2450200

testing for blood group /antibody screen / rubella

/ H.I.V/  blood count- HB , Iron stores.

Phone 08003815900  

 11-13 weeks: Pregnancy Screening tests -   

Screen is testing for genetic abnormalities-

this test may lead to further testing if there is

a positive screening result. you would be discussing

this with your Midwife and be referred to the Hospitals

Maternal Fetal Medicine Team for follow up tests?


the 1st test    Blood test for :-

M.S.S 1 Maternal Serum Screening blood test



2nd test Scans the Nuchal thickness at the back 

of baby's neck  - instructions with these tests-

(Phone & book Scan in advance Pacific Radiology)  04 978 5500 or                                                                                                                                   

Horizon Radiology 04 801 8527-   or 

DR. Jay Marlow private pregnancy scanning clinic

3D scans small (Cost involved) in Wellington



If you don't have a Midwife contact 0800findamidwife 

and get booked to see the hospital  primary care midwifes

as early as possible. They can organise scans and blood tests for you.


20 weeks:  Anatomy Scan for Baby – 

looking at baby heart lungs stomach etc,   

(book as above for Pacific Radiology or

Horizon Radiology or Wellington )


24- 28 weeks - 2nd Antenatal Blood Tests &

Glucose Challenge- It is very important to check

for gestational diabetes and get treated as 

early as possible as it has health implications

for you your unborn baby.





28- 36 weeks:  free vaccination for Whooping Cough- 

this is to protect the pregnant woman and protect your baby in

the first 12 weeks- suggested the whanua/ family

get protected as whooping couch is in our community

and baby has no protection against whooping cough. 


35-37 weeks: Screen for Group B strep (Low Vaginal Swab)



36 weeks: (only if needed) blood test for Antibodies?


Only needed if mother is a Negative blood group-

Haemoglobin and iron levels and iron stores


41 weeks: Post dates scan  for growth, baby's placenta,

fluid volumes and placenta function,

to ensure baby can safely stay inside longer. 

C.T.G- cardiotocograph  The Midwife meets you in

Delivery Suite and monitors baby's heart rate

and discusses baby movements etc.     




baby will have noticeable movements every

2-4 hours in the second 20 weeks of pregnancy -

If things change and you have any concerns -



Baby movements what is normal?

When to take action


Danger signs in pregnancy : 

Maternal Dehydration from morning sickness, 

Vaginal bleeding, 1/2 a teaspoon on your underwear

or pad call your Midwife urgently   

Abdominal pain,  a high fever or temperature, 

waters break or labour begins before 37 weeks

DVT; deep vein thrombosis- breathing difficulties. 

High blood pressure with a severe headache

swollen puffy face, hands legs- eye sight abnormalities-

epigastric tummy upset- shoulder tip pain- feeling unwell-

odd coloured urine)  Reduced fetal -baby movements-

if in doubt make a call!                                                                         





Call Midwife or Doctor or 111 ambulance - Take action-

Don't leave it!    Health line 0800611116

Wellington Hospital Delivery Suite 048060845

HUTT MATERNITY  04-5666999  - ask for Delivery Suite.

Zika Virus  is passed on from Mosquito Bites in certain

countries around the world including some Pacific Islands- 

Complications from Zika can be baby malformations 

and serious side effects for unborn babies.

Things to Avoid in Pregnancy:

It is recommended that when a woman is pregnant that she stops smoking, stops recreational drugs, and avoids alcoholic beverages as these may harm her unborn baby. 

Check if any herbal teas / prescribed medicines / or over the counter pharmacy medications that you are taking are safe in pregnancy.

Stop Smoking 0800 778 778 Quitline                   

Alcohol & Drug Helpline 0800 787 797

Food safety in pregnancy

Eat fresh  home cooked meals with a variety of freshly washed home cooked vegetables/ freshly washed salads,

add in protein. Piping very hot cooked meat, chicken or fish, balanced with carbohydrates-potato/ taro, rice.

Increase Dairy products like 'yellow top' milk and yoghurt to keep calcium levels up.

Cut down on food that has no nutrition value – eat wisely to grow a healthy baby.

Your pregnancy weight gain depending on your BMI may be between 5- 15kg.

Keep moving, physically active- continue walking and swimming with light to normal activities.

Choose water or trim milk to drink - cut down on sugar, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, tea and coffee.

Food Smart web site has tips on how to avoid LISTERIA & TOXOPLASMOSIS.

Listeria can be caught from unwashed food, uncooked –raw fish/shellfish/sushi/soft cheeses.

Toxoplasmosis can be caught from soil/ Cat faeces—litter box/ cat scratches

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