Pregnancy Guide

Finding a Midwife

It is important to book a Midwife / Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) before 10 weeks pregnant

or phone find a midwife: 0800346369

Your Midwife(LMC) can order antenatal blood tests, baby scans & may prescribe Iodine & Folic acid.

Your LMC may see you every 4–6 weekly in early pregnancy and fortnightly, then weekly during the last weeks of pregnancy.

It is very important to attend Midwifery Well Health Checks for a safer pregnancy, labour & birth.

Until you find your Midwife, your Doctor may be able to arrange early pregnancy scans and/or pregnancy blood tests or prescribe the recommended vitamin supplements.

Recommended Vitamin Supplements for Pregnancy:

Folic Acid 0-8mg daily — reduces the risk of Spina Bifida
Iodine 150mcg daily — helps with baby’s brain development

See for up to date information for pregnant women.

Ask your Doctor about Free Immunisations in pregnancy:

Flu Vaccine: pregnant women are more at risk of serious complications.

Whooping Cough Vaccine helps to protect Baby until baby has started his/her immunisation programme at 6 weeks and 12 weeks of age.

Check your Rubella Status (German Measles) If you are not immune -Stay away from anyone who might have or be in contact with anyone who may have it. (Rubella may harm your unborn baby)

Blood tests & Scans during pregnancy

Book to see your Midwife before 10 weeks pregnancy

important to get blood test & scans ordered early.


6--8 weeks:  1st Antenatal Blood Test

Your Midwife or Doctor   can  give you a blood test form for:-

Wellington laboratory customer services SCL 04-2450200   

08003815900   WHY?  we need to test for your blood group /antibody screen / rubella / HIV?  blood count- HB , Iron levels, etc  (please note: Midwife cannot book you into a hospital facility without this booking blood test- essential life saving information like your blood group is recorded from this blood test.) 


11-13 weeks: Pregnancy Screening tests -Screen is testing for genetic abnormalities- this test may lead to further testing if it is positive. If you had a lower than expected result you would be discussing this with your Midwife and quickly be referred to the Hospital Clinic Maternal Fetal Medicine team for discussion and follow up tests.

1st test     MSS 1 Maternal Serum Screening blood test

2nd test Nuchal Baby Scan - (Phone & book Scan in advance Pacific Radiology  04 978 5500 or Horizon Radiology 04 801 8527-

DR. Jay Marlow offers a private pregnancy scanning clinic in Wellington 04-8964510 

If you don't have a Midwife contact 0800findamidwife and get booked into the hospital clinic as early as possible. They can organise scans and blood tests for you.


20 weeks:  Anatomy Scan for Baby–(book as above for Pacific Raliology or Horizon Radiology )

26 weeks:2nd Antenatal Blood Tests & Glucose Challenge- very important to check for gestational diabetes and get treated as early as possible as it has health implications for you your unborn baby. 

28- 36 weeks:  Get your free vaccination for Whooping Cough

this is to protect the pregnant woman and protect your baby in the first 12 weeks- advice all the whanua / family to get protected as well as whooping couch is in our community and baby has no protection against whooping cough otherwise.   

35-37 weeks: Screen for Group B strep (Low Vaginal Swab).

36 weeks: (only if needed) Antibody? HB? / iron levels?

41 weeks: Post dates scan  for growth and placenta function, plus the Midwife will meet you in Delivery suite to do A cardiotocograph on baby to check baby heart rate and movements etc.


Danger signs: dehydration from morning sickness, vaginal bleeding, strong abdominal pain, high temp, waters breaking, shortness of breath, Call LMC or Doctor or if very unwell call 111 ambulance - please take action- don't leave it!

Healthline 0800611116

Wellington Hospital Delivery Suite 048060845

HUTT MATERNITY  04-5666999  - ask for Delivery Suite.

Alert Zika Virus 2016 is passed on from Mosquito Bites in certain countries around the world including some Pacific Islands

Go to Ministry of Health NZ>ourwork>ZikaVirus for more information or  Health line NZ 0800611116 if you think you have symptoms. Complications from zika can be baby malformations and serious side effects for unborn babies.

Things to Avoid in Pregnancy:

It is recommended that when a woman is pregnant that she stops smoking, stops recreational drugs, and avoids alcoholic beverages as these may harm her unborn baby. 

Check if any herbal teas / prescribed medicines / or over the counter pharmacy medications that you are taking are safe in pregnancy.

Stop Smoking 0800 778 778 Quitline                   Alcohol & Drug Helpline 0800 787 797

Food safety in pregnancy


Eat fresh home cooked meals with a variety of freshly washed home cooked vegetables/ freshly washed salads,

add in protein –piping hot cooked meat, chicken or fish, balanced with carbohydrates-potato/ taro, rice.

Increase Dairy products like 'yellow top' milk and yoghurt to keep calcium levels up.

Cut down on food that has no nutrition value – eat wisely to grow a healthy baby.

Your pregnancy weight gain depending on your BMI may be between 5- 15kg.

Keep moving, physically active- continue walking and swimming with light to normal activities.

Choose water or trim milk to drink - cut down on sugar, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, tea and coffee.

Food Smart web site has tips on how to avoid LISTERIA & TOXOPLASMA.

Listeria can be caught from unwashed food, uncooked –raw fish/shellfish/sushi/soft cheeses.

Toxoplasma can be caught from soil/ Cat faeces—litter box/ cat scratches

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